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Bye bye Wordpress

I recently rebuilt my website. I had previously used Wordpress , and while that was perfect to get started, I soon got annoyed by its… Read more

Published October 16th, 2019

Tracking your time helps you stay mentally sane.

Working in academia comes with unique freedoms and challenges. I would argue that in no other job we have so much freedom to define our own… Read more

Published August 29th, 2019

Behind the paper: Paleo-Eskimo ancestry in North America

This post appeared originally on the Nature Ecology & Evolution Community blog . Reference:… Read more

Published June 5th, 2019

On human mobility and language dispersal

We recently advertised 16 new PhD positions within our newly founded Max Planck Research School for the Science of Human History , an… Read more

Published December 22nd, 2018

Und nun die Wahlvorhersage...

von Stephan Schiffels und Andrej Fischer Vorhersagen von Wahlergebnissen aufgrund von Umfragen gehören zum Standardgeschäft des politischen… Read more

Published August 12th, 2017

Hypothesis testing without Alternatives

So, I am reading this book called “Probability Theory; The logic of Science” by E.T. Jaynes. It is an excellent read, highly recommended… Read more

Published June 9th, 2017

How rare genetic mutations help us understand human history (Part II)

In my last blog post I have shown how we estimated the Anglo-Saxon genetic contribution to modern English from rare variants. Here I’ll show… Read more

Published May 24th, 2017

How rare genetic mutations help us understand human history (Part I)

Human history is deeply imprinted in our genomes, through patterns of common ancestry. These patterns can be studied by looking at mutations… Read more

Published January 22nd, 2016

A brief introduction to neutral theory

This is a response to a creationist’s post on Human evolution , in which I found so many flaws that I have to at least correct the most… Read more

Published January 6th, 2016